Beautiful Indian Girl Names With Meanings:

1. Aabha:
The glow on your baby’s face is matchless and naming her Aabha would be apt as it means ‘glow’ in Sanskrit.

2. Aahna:
Aahna means ‘exist’. This name is fast gaining popularity in India.

3. Aakanksha:
What is life without desire or hope? Your daughter is a symbol for your desire for a better tomorrow. Name her Aakanksha, which means ‘desire or wish’.

4. Aakriti:
Aakriti is a common Indian name but still has its charm. It means ‘shape’ in Sanskrit.

5. Aarushi:
The name Aarushi has become popular in the recent years in India. It means ‘first ray of the sun’.

6. Aashi:
Now here’s a name that you won’t often hear! Aashi is a short yet unique name and means ‘smile’. What can be better than a life filled with smiles and laughter?

7. Aayushi:
Aayushi is a relatively uncommon baby girl name in India. It means ‘one who has a long life’.

8. Aditi:
Aditi is a simple name and a very popular one at that! It means ‘freedom, security, boundless, or entire’ in Sanskrit.

9. Adra:
Adra means ‘beauty’. It is a very uncommon name that is ready to scale the popularity charts anytime now.

10. Adya:
Is your daughter your first baby? Name her Adya, which means ‘first’ in Sanskrit.
Beautiful Indian Girl Names With Meanings:
11. Aisha:
Prosperity is what every parent wishes for their children. And the best thing to do is to give a name which means that. Aisha means ‘prosperous’.

12. Akshita:
Akshita means ‘permanent’. In the ever changing days of life, if there is one thing that will never change, it will be your love for your baby.

13. Alekhya:
A very common name in South India, Alekhya means ‘painting’. It is a name that will soon find takers in the rest of India.

14. Amna:
Amna is a pretty name and very uncommon too. It means ‘peace, desire, safety’.

15. Amulya:
The love you feel for your little girl cannot be measured. Amulya means ‘priceless’ in Sanskrit – a true reflection of your love for your daughter.

16. Avantika:
This is the name that’s modern yet traditional. It means ‘queen’ and is also the name of ‘Princess of Ujjain’.

17. Bandita:
If you are looking for a unique baby girl name that starts with B, try Bandita. It means ‘blessed’.

18. Banhi:
Banhi means ‘fire’. It is a very uncommon name, ready for a special baby.

19. Barkha:
Some names are timeless. Barkha is one of them. It means ‘rain’.

20. Bavishni:
Looking for a name that has oodles of character? Bavishni will be perfect! It means ‘One who has a future’.

21. Bhakti:
Here’s a name that reflects your faith! Bhakti means ‘devotion’ in Sanskrit. It is a unique name, even in India.

22. Bhanu:
Bhanu means ‘sun or fame’, a beautiful name for your beautiful girl.

23. Bhrithi:
Looking for a meaningful name, which is unique too? Try Bhrithi. It means ‘strengthened; nourished or cherished’.

24. Bindhiya:
Bindhiya means ‘dew drop’. It is a common name with a dainty meaning, especially if you like girly names.

25. Bodhi:
Here’s a name that embraces the beauty of Buddhism, and refers to the Bodhi tree and means ‘enlightenment’.

26. Chaitali:
Was your baby born in the month of March? You can call her Chaitali, which is a Bengali name for ‘one who is born in the month of Chaitra or March’.

27. Chandni:
Chandni will never go out of fashion! It is a name that sits pretty at the top of the pile. It means ‘moonlight’.

28. Charita:
We are sure that you hope for your baby to become a good human as she grows up. With that hope, you can use the name Charita for her, which means ‘good’ in Sanskrit.

29. Chetana:
Chetana means ‘perceptive and conscious’.

30. Chhaya:
What is the one thing you seek when out in the sun? Some shade! Chaaya means ‘shadow’ in Hindi and is symbolic of a child bringing comfort to the world.

31. Chitrita:
Looking for an uncommon name for your baby girl? What about Chitrita? It means ‘beautiful or decorated’.

32. Chinmayi:
Here’s a name that has fallen out of favor in recent years. But it is an amazing name that deserves a resurrection. Chinmayi means ‘supreme consciousness’.

33. Daksha:
Another short name with a great meaning! Daksha means ‘earth’. It is an uncommon name and perfect for parents looking for Indian names with a difference.

34. Damini:
Girls are not just sweet and cuddly. When the time comes, they can strike hard too! Damini means ‘lightning’ in Sanskrit, a strong name for a strong girl!

35. Danika:
An unusual name, Danika means ‘morning star’.

36. Darpana:
Your baby is your reflection. Naming her Darpana will also reflect your desire for her innocence. Darpana means a ‘mirror’ – the symbol of innocence and purity.

37. Darsha:
We love this name! What the world needs today are people with a vision. Darsha means ‘to see, to perceive, or to have a vision’ – perfect for the citizen of tomorrow.

38. Darshita:
Another great option for you, Darshita means ‘sight’. It is not a name commonly used in India and will work if you want something unique.

39. Dayanita:
What an amazing name! Dayanita is unique and feminine yet not too difficult to spell. The name means ‘tender’.

40. Dayita:
Your baby girl is the center of your universe. The love you feel for her is unparalleled. The name Dayita means ‘beloved’, a name perfect for a much-loved baby.

41. Deeba:
Are you looking for a simple name that is not too common? Try Deeba, which means ‘silk’.

42. Deeksha:
The name Deeksha holds a special place in the Indian culture. It means ‘spiritual initiation’. Even if you are not religious, you can still pick this name simply because it is so beautiful!

43. Deepali:
The name Deepali means a ‘collection of lamps’. It is a popular name and very feminine.

44. Dipanwita:
A unique name from Eastern India, Dipanwita is another name for Goddess Kali. It can also be written as Deepanwita.

45. Dipti:
Dipti is yet another common and popular name among Indians. It means ‘flame’.

46. Divya:
Divya is a very popular name. But don’t worry, its popularity is not likely to wane anytime soon. It means ‘divine or divine brilliance’ in Sanskrit.

47. Drishti:
If you want your girl to have focus in life, then bestowing her with this name can help. Drishti means ‘focus’.

48. Eesha:
A trendy name with a traditional meaning, Eesha is a good option for modern families. The name means ‘purity’ and is also another name of Goddess Parvati.

49. Eeshta:
Another name that symbolizes your love for your baby, Eeshta means ‘beloved’. A unique name with a tender meaning.

50. Elina:
If you are looking for an Indian name with a foreign touch choose ‘Elina’. Elina is a Spanish form of ‘Helen’. Its Indian meaning is ‘smart or intelligent’.
Beautiful Indian Girl Names With Meanings:
51. Ekta:
Ekta is one of the popular Indian names for girl. It means ‘unity’. The famous namesake is the Indian television producer Ekta Kapoor.

52. Eswari:
Looking for a traditional name starting with the letter E? Eswari is as traditional as it can get and means ‘the wife of Lord Shiva.’

53. Falguni:
Falguni as a name is past its heydays. But it is an interesting name and steeped in history. Was your daughter born in Feb or Early March? You could name her Falguni, as it means ‘one who is born in the month of  Falgun’.

54. Gagana:
A unique name, Gagana means ‘sky’. The sky is symbolic of openness, vast, and infinity.

55. Ganika:
Ganika is an amazing name that is unique and pretty. It means ‘like a flower’.

56. Gargi:
Do you want a name that reflects the wisdom of Indian culture? Try Gargi, which was the name of a famous scholar in ancient India.

57. Garima:
There is nothing greater than dignity! A life lived with dignity is a life well-lived. Garima means ‘dignity’.

58. Geetika:
Geetika is a pretty Indian girl name! It means ‘a little song’.

59. Gina:
Gina is a simple and short name, which means ‘silvery’.

60. Gini:
Silver or gold – the choice is yours! Gini means ‘golden’. It is non-fussy name for parents who want an Indian name without the difficult pronunciations.

61. Gitanjali:
Gitanjali – the name evokes a sense of nostalgia! It means ‘offering of songs’, and was also the name of the book that fetched Rabindranath Tagore a Nobel Prize!

62. Gaurika:
South India is a land filled with the tales of legends and heroes. It is also a place where names have poetic meanings and Gaurika is one such name meaning ‘a young girl’.

63. Gautami:
A classic name that is still going strong, Gautami refers to the ‘river Godavari’ in southern India.

64. Gayatri:
A beautiful and traditional name, Gayatri will always find takers in India. The name means ‘mother of the Vedas or Goddess’. For most Hindus, the Vedas are the ultimate source of wisdom.

65. Hamsika:
Indians value education and if you too think that education is the only way to a better life, try the name Hamsika. It is another name for goddess Saraswati, the goddess of education.

66. Harini:
Another name from south India, Harini means ‘like a deer’. It is a very feminine name, full of grace.

67. Harita:
Are you looking for a name that reflects your love for nature? Harita will be a great option for you as it means ‘green or nature’.

68. Harisha:
Happiness is the ultimate goal of human life. Name your daughter Harisha, which means ‘happiness’ in Sanskrit.

69. Harleen:
A name popular in Punjab, Harleen means ‘one with God’. It is a beautiful Indian girl name, perfect for spiritual families.

70. Harshita:
Another name for happiness, Harshita means ‘full of joy and always happy’.

71. Himani:
The name sounds like mountains and means ‘glacier’. It is also the name of Goddess Parvati.

72. Ila:
Looking for a super short name with a great meaning? Ila would fit the bill. It means ‘earth’ and also refers to the daughter of Manu, the Hindu lawgiver.

73. Ina:
Another short yet sweet name! Ina means ‘mother of all’ and also refers to an all-embracing love.

74. Indira:
Indira is another name for ‘Lakshmi’, the Goddess of wealth and fortune.

75. Indu:
A name that is perfect for your beautiful baby girl, Indu means ‘like the moon’. The moon is the epitome of beauty in Indian culture.

76. Iniya:
It is difficult to find Indian names that are short yet meaningful. Iniya is one of the few names that fit the bill. It means ‘sweet’.

77. Inu:
Inu means ‘one who is attractive’, referring to inner and outer beauty.

78. Ishaani:
Ishaani is another name for the Goddess Parvati, wife of Lord Shiva.

79. Jaya:
A simple name that has scaled the heights of popularity, Jaya means ‘victory’.

80. Jaanvi:
Jaanvi has found a place in many baby name lists recently. An easy to spell name, it means ‘as precious as your life’.

80. Jagruti:
The name Jagruti means ‘awareness’ – it is a popular name in India. So, if you are looking for a classic name, Jagruti will work for you.

81. Juhi:
Juhi is the name of a flower. The famous namesake is Indian actress Juhi Chawla.

82. Karima:
Karima means ‘precious’. It is an uncommon name, perfect for your unique little girl.

83. Kaira:
A name that is sure to help your baby stand out in a crowd, Kaira means ‘peaceful’. In today’s chaotic world, there is no greater blessing than peace.

84. Kajal:
An evergreen name, Kajal means ‘kohl’. In India, kohl symbolizes beauty. Made popular by the popular Bollywood actress, Kajal is a name that is here to stay.

85. Kajri:
A rustic name, Kajri means ‘cloud’. It is not a name that you’ll often hear.

86. Kalpana:
A classical name, Kalpana is a great choice. It means ‘idea, imagination, or fancy’.

87. Kalyani:
Another traditional name, Kalyani means ‘auspicious’. Your daughter is your lucky star isn’t she? So, this name is perfect for her.

88. Kanchana:
A name with a very traditional sound, Kanchana means ‘gold’. It is a popular name in south India as well as in Sri Lanka.

89. Kangana:
The name Kangana has seen a spurt in popularity, thanks to the beautiful and talented actress Kangana Ranaut. It means ‘bracelet’.

90. Laavanya:
Laavanya is a name that is gaining popularity as one of the most sought after baby girl names. It means ‘beauty’.

91. Laboni:
An uncommon name, Laboni means ‘grace’. If you and your partner are looking for a typical Indian name with a simple meaning, you can give Laboni a try.

92. Lasya:
Lasya is a beautiful name and very uncommon too. It refers to the dance by Goddess Parvati.

93. Lipi:
Short, sweet, and nice isn’t it? Lipi is quite an uncommon and unique Indian baby girl name, meaning ‘script’.

94. Parul:
You may have heard the name Parul several times but do you know what it means? This beautiful Indian name means ‘graceful’. It is also the name of a flower.

95. Rathi:
Rathi is a beautiful name. It refers to the Hindu Goddess of love. If you are interested in Hindu mythology, this name will surely appeal to you.

96. Maahi:
Maahi, or Mahi, as a name, has many things going for it. For one, it has a simple spelling, and it sounds very feminine. And to top it up, it has a beautiful meaning – ‘like a river’.

97. Maanyata:
Maanyata is a beautiful name with a great meaning – ‘principles or assumption’.

98. Mukta:
A name can be as precious as a jewel and so is your girl, so this can just be the name you are looking for. Mukta means ‘pearl’.

99. Nainika:
A name popular in Bengal, Nainika means ‘pupil of the eye’. It is an ode to women with beautiful eyes.

100. Nalini:
A common Indian girl name, Nalini means ‘night’. The beautiful night is a reflection of calm and tranquility.

101. Neha:
Simple, short, and sweet, Neha is a beautiful name meaning ‘rain’.

102. Nidhi:
Nidhi is short, sweet, and a conventional Indian girl name, meaning ‘treasure’.

103. Nisha:
A stylish, popular, and cool name, meaning ‘night’, this name comes with variants such as Nishi and Nishika.

104. Noor:
This can be the perfect choice for your little angel who has brought light and radiance in your lives. Noor means ‘light’.

105. Omisha:
If a ‘different’ name is what you are looking for, Omisha is worth a dekko. It refers to the ‘Goddess of life and death’.

106. Paakhi:
In East India, Paakhi is a common name. But it is slowly gaining popularity in the rest of India too. It means ‘bird’.

107. Pallavi:
Old is gold – the saying holds true when it comes to the name Pallavi! It means ‘new leaves’.

108. Pari:
Pari would be the perfect name for your just arrived princess. It means ‘fairy’, and has super potential to climb up the name charts.

109. Ragini:
Another ‘old’ name with universal appeal, Ragini means ‘ like a melody or music.’

110. Rachana:
Are you someone who likes the common names for their ease of use? Then you should use Rachana. It means ‘one who is like the creation’.

111. Rani:
Rani is a household name in India, and means ‘queen’. The famous namesake is Indian actress, Rani Mukherjee.

112. Riddhi:
Riddhi is a popular name usually given to twins, the other name being ‘Siddhi’, Riddhi and Siddhi are Lord Ganesha’s wives. Riddhi means ‘good fortune’.

113. Ritika:
This is one of the pretty and modern Indian baby girl names meaning ‘of a stream’.

114. Rishika:
Rishika is a sober name, derived from the word ‘Rishi’ meaning ‘saintly’.

115. Saachi:
Short, sweet, and poetic, Saachi means ‘one who is full of grace’.

116. Sandhya:
Sandhya is a popular name, meaning ‘evening, twilight, or dusk’. Sandy can be used as a cute nickname.

117. Sarah:
Sarah can be the perfect name for someone as pure as a baby. Sarah means ‘pure’.

118. Suhasini:
Your baby’s laughter fills your heart with joy! Name her Suhasini, which means ‘one with a beautiful laughter or smile’.

119. Sakshi:
Spirituality urges you to be a witness to your own life. What better way than to imbibe this habit through a name that means ‘witness’. Sakshi means just that.

120. Shalini:
This is a common and popular Indian name for girls and means ‘modest’.

121. Shivanshika:
An uncommon name, Shivanshika means ‘part of Lord Shiva’. If you are an ardent devotee of Shiva, this name will be a great choice for your baby.

122. Sonia:
Sonia is a beautiful name meaning ‘wise’. Indian politician Sonia Gandhi is its famous namesake.

123. Tamanna:
Another name that means ‘wish or desire’, Tamanna is a classic name with years of history behind it.

124. Tanika:
Tanika is quite a stylish and unique name meaning ‘rope’. It has quite a potential to trend the name charts.

125. Tanuja:
It means ‘daughter or born of the body’. The famous namesake is the Indian actress of yesteryears.

126. Tejal:
Tejal is a unisex name but goes well for girls. It is a traditional Indian name meaning ‘brilliance or splendour’.

127. Urvi:
“From Earth we come and to Earth we go.” Giving your girl this name can just signify that. Urvi means ‘Earth’.

128. Vaani:
Some names never lose their beauty, Vaani is one such name, meaning ‘speech’. The name is very popular in India and its famous namesake is Indian actress, Vani Kapoor.

129. Varsha:
If you are a nature lover, then choose the name Varsha, which means ‘rain’.

130. Vineeta:
Vineeta is a simple and beautiful name meaning ‘humble’.

131. Vritika:
If you want an unusual yet beautiful name with a great meaning, then choose Vritika, which means ‘thought or nature’.

Inspired by goddesses, cultures, and places too, Indian girl names are in plenty. With more options in your kitty, make sure to pick the one that would best suit your little girl.131 Most Popular And Unique Indian Baby Girl Names

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