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250+ Exquisite Hindi Names for Babies with Meanings {*Latest Names*} 2019

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 Hindi Names for Babies
Hindi Names for A Baby Boy-

Name (नाम)
Meaning (अर्थ)
Aaloka (अलोक)
Aamani (आमनि)
Aahaana (आहना)
‘rise’ or ‘dawn’ or ‘sunrise’
Aanchal (आंचल)
To give ‘shelter’
Aaravi (आरवि)
‘peace’, ‘serenity’
Aashi (आशी)
‘blessing’, ‘laughter’ and ‘happiness’
Aayushi (अयुशि)
‘long life’ or ‘blessing’
Adriti (आद्रिति)
This is a name for Goddess Durga.
Advika (आद्विका)
The meaning is ‘one of a kind’, ‘unique’.
Aisha (आयशा)
‘love’, ‘life’, ‘prosperity’
Asin (आसिन्)
Someone with beauty or grace
Aysha (आयशा)
‘prosperous’, living well, ‘love’
Bani (बानी)
Name for Goddess Saraswati, ‘maiden’, ‘Earth’
Bhakti (भक्ति)
‘prayer’ or ‘devotion’
Bhaumi (बाहुमी)
Another name for Goddess Sita, made from earth.
Chaitali (चैताली)
Blessed with a good memory
Charul (चारूल)
This is another name for ‘beautiful’, ‘stunning’, ‘gorgeous’.
Chetal (चेतल)
one who is full of life and abundance, with vitality
Daivi (दैवी)
someone who is ‘pious’, ‘devout’
Darshini (दर्शिनि)
‘beautiful’, ‘blessed’ or another name for goddess Durga
Dhara (धारा)
rains, ‘one who sustains’, Mother Earth, Gold
Dhruvi (ढ्रुवि)
‘Firm’ or ‘Assertive’ or ‘Strict’
Dhwani (ढ्वनि)
Edha (ईढा)
‘wealth’, ‘prosperity’, ‘strength’
Ekta (एकता)
to agree or ‘unity’
Eniya (ईनीया)
‘principled’, ‘honest’
Esha (ईशा)
desirable, attractive, pretty
Eswaria (इसवरीया)
The name is dedicated to Goddess Parvati or wife of Lord Shiva.
Falguni (फाल्गुनी)
One born in the months of February-March
Freya (फ्रेया)
‘goddess of love’, noble woman, deeply loved
Gamini (गामिनी)
someone who is ‘quiet’ or ‘silent’
Gargi (गार्गी)
‘scholarly’ or a ‘thinker’
Garima (गरिमा)
someone who radiates ‘warmth’
Gitali (गिताली)
appreciates ‘music’ or someone who loves songs
Harshini (हर्शिनि)
‘happy’, ‘cheerful’
Harshika (हर्षिका)
‘joyful’, ‘laughter’ or ‘fun-loving’
Henna (हिना)
fragrant’ or ‘mehendi’
Hruti (रुति)
Idaya (ईदया)
an alternative name for Goddess Parvati, ‘heart’
Idika (ईदिका)
Goddess Parvati, ‘perception’
Ihita (ईहिता)
Alternative name for Goddess Durga, ‘fighter’
Ira (ईरा)
‘being present’ or ‘still’
Iyla (इय्ल)
‘moonlight’, ‘rays of the moon’
Jhanvi (झानवी)
The river Ganga in Hinduism
Janki (जानकी)
The daughter of King Janaka or Goddess Sita
Jasmeet (जसमीत)
a ‘celebrated one’ or the ‘famous one’
Jasoda (जसोदा)
mother of Lord Krishna
Kavya (काव्या)
‘Poetry’, poetry in motion, ‘learning’, ‘foresight’, ‘sentiment’
Kajal (काजल)
‘kohl’ or ‘eyeliner’
Kalini (कालीनी)
‘flower’, ‘flourishing’ or the river Yamuna
Karishma (करिश्मा)
Kashika (काशिका)
‘the one who shines’
Kshama (क्षमा)
‘to forgive’
Lata (लता)
Leena (लीना)
someone with magnificence or Goddess Laksmi
Laranya (लारण्य)
‘with grace’
Latika (लतिका)
‘small vine’ or ‘vermillion dot’
Mahi (माही)
Mahika (महीका)
‘dew drops’
Mayukhi (मयूखी)
Mayra (मायरा)
‘deeply admired’
Mira (मीरा)
Mishka (मिश्का)
‘gift of adoration’
Menaha (मीनहा)
‘cosmic beauty’
Nitya (नित्या)
‘for eternity’
Nisha (निशा)
Navya (नव्य)
Nimisha (निमिषा)
‘minute’, ‘twinkling of an eye’
Ojasvi (ओजस्वी)
‘heroic’, ‘valour’
Oja (अोजा)
‘vitality’ or full of life
Pavati (पावती)
‘clear water’
Pooja (पूजा)
‘devoutness’ or ‘prayer’
Priya (प्रिया)
‘adored’ or ‘cherished’
Paakhi (पाखी)
Pari (परी)
‘angel’, ‘otherworldly’
Ranhita (रंहिता)
‘fast’ or ‘swift’
Ria (रिया)
‘jewel’ or Goddess Lakshmi
Roop (रूप)
Rishima (रिशिमा)
‘rays of the moon’
Ryka (रयका)
‘born from a wish’
Sadhika (साधिका)
‘go-getter’, Goddess Durga
Saanya (सान्या)
Saanvi (सान्वी)
Another name for Goddess Lakshmi
Tuhi (तूही)
‘sweet song of a bird’
Trisha (ट्रिशा)
‘honourable’, ‘valorous’
Tiya (तीया)
Trayi (त्रयी)
‘intelligent’, ‘smart’
Uditi (उदीती)
‘growth’, ‘ascension’
Udisha (उदिशा)
‘ray of early morning’
Udaya (उदया)
‘dawn’ or ‘rise’ or ‘sunrise’
Umangi (उमंगी)
‘happiness’, ‘bliss’
Unnathi (उन्नति)
‘progress’, ‘growth’ or ‘wealth’ or ‘epitome’
Vaishvi (वैष्णवी)
Alternative to Goddess Parvati
Vakula (वाकुला)
flower, cleverness, patience, attentive
Vaani (वाणी)
This is a great option for your little one as it means ‘speech’
Wamika (वामीका)
An alternative to Goddess Durga
Yamini (यामिनी)
‘night time’
Yashi (यशी)
‘glorious’, ‘successful’
Zaara (जारा)
It is a flower that shines with brilliance and light , luminous
Zankhan (जानखान)
‘deep desire’ or ‘wish’
Zoya (जोया)
A perfect name for your little girl it means ‘life’ or being ‘alive’

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